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  • 70 new MEPs become climate ambassadors

    28.05.2014 | Press Releases

    Over 70 MEPs from 25 EU countries across almost all political groups have indicated their readiness to take a leadership role in the climate debate in the European Parliament.

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  • More than 250 MEP candidates support the call for urgent climate action in the next European Parliament

    14.05.2014 | Press Releases

    With less than two weeks to go until EU citizens elect a new European Parliament, 277 MEP candidates have declared their support for urgent action on climate and energy through signing CAN Europe's Climate Pledge. Candidates from all of the big five European political groups have pledged their support for urgent action on climate and energy [1]. The signed up candidates, coming from 24 out of the 28 member states, have committed to taking immediate action on climate change should

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  • New Analysis Ranks European MEPs and National Parties On Climate Action

    08.04.2014 | Press Releases

    Climate heroes and villains revealed

    Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe today launched a new set of 28 scorecards that rank national political parties and MEPs on their climate and energy performance in the European Parliamentary term 2009-14. It cuts through political rhetoric and enables European citizens to see the climate actions that their elected representatives have supported, challenged or ignored. [1] CAN Europe’s analysis is

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  • MEP Scorecards: Ranking European Parliamentarians on Climate Action

    02.04.2014 | Blogs

    How have political parties and MEPs performed on climate and energy? CAN Europe has developed a simple overview of how MEPs, from the current parliamentary term 2009-2014, have voted on ten issues related to climate change and energy. This analysis has been compiled into scorecards that rate national political parties and European political groups based on the voting behavior of their respective MEPs. The scorecards illustrate broadly the positions of national political parties on

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  • The MEP 2014 Climate Pledge

    02.04.2014 | Blogs

    Our Members of the European Parliament can be European climate leaders. As European citizens we have the power to make this happen. Climate Action Network Europe has launched a campaign that calls on all of our MEP candidates to commit to tackling climate change throughout their term of office should they be elected to the European Parliament.

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  • EU leaders risk planetary emergency by delaying climate decisions

    21.03.2014 | Press Releases

    EU must get its climate priorities in order before UN climate leaders summit in September

    CAN Europe [1] is shocked that EU Heads of State failed today to recognise the urgency of the climate crisis, just ahead of the release of a new IPCC scientific report warning that climate impacts are much more severe than previously thought. [2]

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  • Letter to Barroso by IIGCC on 2030 framework

    08.01.2014 | Letters to Policy Makers

    The following letter was sent to President Barroso by the Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) on the 2030 framework for climate and energy.

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  • Report launch: This is Climate Change in Europe

    04.12.2013 | Press Releases

    CAN Europe has just launched an exciting new publication, This is Climate Change in Europe. It brings together dozens of sources ranging from the IPCC, national adaptation plans, UN studies, official NATO documents and many more to provide, for the first time, a summary of current and pending climate impacts in Europe, on a country-by-country basis. 

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  • After Warsaw, EU Leaders Need To Agree Ambitious 2030 Targets

    06.12.2013 | Press Releases

    With a minimal agreement on the pathway to defining an ambitious binding climate agreement in Paris in 2015, the climate conference in Warsaw pushed most of the work that needs to be done way ahead. While the EU fought for a robust timetable for putting emission reduction commitments for the new Treaty on the table, it failed to provide the necessary incentives to get all developing countries on board, especially the emerging economies.

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  • This Is Climate Change In Europe

    21.11.2013 | Reports & Briefs

    This new report highlights the climate impacts hitting Europe from a variety of perspectives, including ecological and food security.

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  • Letter to Secretary general on impact assessment for the 2030 climate and energy framework

    20.11.2013 | Letters to Policy Makers

    CAN Europe, the Coalition for Energy Savings and the European Renewable Energy Council wrote the following letter to the Secretary General on the Impact assessment for the 2030 climate and energy framework.

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  • CAN Europe Position paper on post-2020 EU climate and energy targets

    31.10.2013 | CAN Europe Positions

    CAN Europe calls upon the European Union (EU) to recognise that its commitment to making a fair contribution to the effort to avoid dangerous climate change means that it should reduce its domestic greenhouse gas emissions by at least 95% by 2050 below 1990 levels. Only the upper end of the EU's 2050 commitment to reduce emissions by 80% to 95% will allow the EU to make a fair and safe contribution to keeping global average temperature rise below 2°C.

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  • Conference: Climate Impacts in Europe

    29.10.2013 | Event & Actions

    Climate Action Network Europe, GLOBE EU and the Climate Parliament invite you to attend a half-day conference at the European Parliament on climate impacts in Europe.

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  • EU needs new pledge on the table to push international climate action forward

    14.10.2013 | Press Releases

    Environment Ministers' call for climate pledges in 2014 rings hollow without increased EU ambition

    Today EU Environment Ministers set the stage for the EU to play a steering role in pushing an international climate deal forward. History has shown that arriving at the COP [1] with clear, coherent positions is one of the best ways the EU can positively impact these negotiations.

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  • Submission on Green Paper on 2030 Climate and Energy Framework

    15.06.2013 | Submissions to Consultations

    CAN Europe made a submission on the European Commission’s Green Paper Consultation on a 2030 Climate and Energy Framework.

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  • Letter to Environment and Energy Ministers on priority for renewable energy and energy efficiency

    16.05.2013 | Letters to Policy Makers

    CAN Europe, the Coalition for Energy Savings and the European Renewable Energy Council wrote the following letter to Ministers ahead of the European Council 22nd May 2013 on Energy and Competitiveness.

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  • Letter to Environment and Energy Ministers on ambitious climate & energy policy

    18.04.2013 | Letters to Policy Makers

    CAN Europe, the Coalition for Energy Savings and the European Renewable Energy Council wrote the following letter to Ministers on Europe's needs for an ambitious Climate and Energy Policy.

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  • Briefing on a new climate and energy package

    31.01.2013 | Reports & Briefs

    We welcome the European Commission’s determination to develop a clear and ambitious post 2020 climate and energy package. Only through reaching the upper end of the 80 to 95% emission reduction target by 2050 will the EU have assumed its responsibility to avoid dangerous climate change. 

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  • Closing the ambition gap: What can Europe do

    04.12.2012 | Reports & Briefs

    In a new briefing [1], CAN Europe shows how the EU is already on course to reach 25% emissions reductions by 2020, with the final number being closer to 27% if proposed further reductions from various EU initiatives are fully implemented. If the EU would make full use of the opportunities identified by research groups and NGOs, it could reduce domestic emissions beyond 30%.

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  • CAN Europe Position paper on post-2020 EU climate and energy targets (2)

    31.10.2012 | CAN Europe Positions

    The European Union, its economy and the international community need binding, coherent and more ambitious 2020 and post-2020 EU climate and energy targets.

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