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  • CAN Europe Position on post-2020 EU climate and energy targets

    31.10.2012 | CAN Europe Positions

    CAN Europe calls upon the EU to recognize its historical responsibility and increase the ambition of its current and long-term climate and energy targets and policies. Only when achieving the upper end of the 80%-95% emission reduction target in 2050 (as indicated in the European Commission’s Roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 20504 ) will the EU be able to take its responsibility to avoid dangerous climate change.

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  • Environment Ministers must get serious about climate change

    19.06.2012 | Blogs

    On the 11th of June, EU environment ministers discussed several climate change issues. They had debates on the provision of financial support to developing countries for reducing emissions and adapting to climate change, as well as on action to reduce emissions domestically. Both of these issues must be advanced to have any chance of a globally binding deal in 2015.

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  • Briefing on Member States position on the 2050 Energy Roadmap

    14.06.2012 | Reports & Briefs

    Since the communication from the European Commission (EC) on the Energy Roadmap 2050, in November 2011 , energy ministries in all 27 Member States have been discussing an official European Council position. The following analysis, prepared by CAN-Europe and based on leaked draft Council conclusions, outlines Member States’ positions on different aspects of the Energy Roadmap as well as the benefits of the no-regrets option.

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  • Member States positions on the Energy Roadmap 2050

    08.05.2012 | Presentations & Infographics

    Member States positions on the discussion about the Energy Roadmap 2050 Council position.

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  • Bloomberg report: Clever with numbers but what does their 30% equal?

    27.04.2012 | Blogs

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance launched its new report yesterday in Brussels, analysing the costs of moving toward a 30% GHG cuts in the EU. The report lays out a number of different possible cost scenarios if the EU moved beyond the current 20% climate target. Unfortunately the report is far from thorough and falls short of presenting an adequate picture of the true costs and benefits. CAN-Europe notes for example that the Bloomberg report does not analyse the health or social benefits of

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  • Submission to regulate maritime emissions

    03.04.2012 | Submissions to Consultations

    CAN Europe believes that addressing shipping emissions in the EU is long overdue.

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  • Poland: Merely looking backward is not a way forward

    16.03.2012 | Blogs

    A veto is an act of desperation, but it carries weight if used wisely. The more you use it, the more meaningless it becomes. The Polish media is already speculating about the prospect of a third Polish veto, if the Low-Carbon Roadmap is on the agenda of the June Energy Council. By stubbornly rejecting the EU’s shared vision to move towards a green energy future, Poland is ultimately vetoing modernisation of its own economy and further isolating itself. Meanwhile the EU’s climate agenda

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  • Poland holds EU climate ambition hostage

    09.03.2012 | Press Releases

    Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe was appalled to see the obstructionist tactics used by Poland ahead of today’s meeting of Environment Ministers. While Poland seems intent on skirting its climate responsibilities, other EU countries were ready to support increased climate ambition by 2020 and to approve milestones for a cost effective emissions reductions pathway by 2050.

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  • Briefing: Achieving a 30% domestic carbon reduction target.

    31.05.2011 | Reports & Briefs

    CAN Europe, Greenpeace, and WWF engaged Öko Institut and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) to explore in depth the different options for the EU Member States to contribute to a 30 percent carbon target. The institutes were also asked to assess different EU financing mechanisms to leverage additional investments in the EU Member States, and help to equally share the costs and benefits of more climate

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  • Submission on the EU's 2050 Energy Roadmap

    02.05.2011 | Submissions to Consultations

    CAN Europe made a submission to the European Commission’s Consultation on the EU's 2050 Energy Roadmap.

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  • Briefing: The economic case for 30% GHG reductions

    05.08.2010 | Reports & Briefs

    This briefing from the University of Cambridge Program of Sustainabilty Leadership outlines the economic case for why Euroope should more to a 30% reduciton target in 2020.

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  • Report 30% Why Europe should strengthen its 2020 target

    30.06.2010 | Reports & Briefs

    In this report CAN Europe elaborates on the numerous benefits that moving to a -30% 2020 EU greenhouse gas target will have on Member States’ budgets.

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  • NGO Briefing: Europe’s -20% emissions target is far too weak

    02.12.2009 | Reports & Briefs

    The European Union likes to present its climate policies as models of aggressive action. However, at the centre there is a gaping hole: the -20% below 1990 by 2020 emissions cut agreed in 2008 will require virtually no effort in Europe to achieve. Making a move to a deeper target conditional upon aggressive action in other countries, as the policy is now, is therefore misplaced. It is Europe that needs to move, as its reductions are less aggressive than those in other countries, and deeper

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  • CAN Europe Position on Carbon Capture and Storage

    03.04.2009 | CAN Europe Positions

    CAN Europe's position on carbon capture and storage.

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  • Submission on a post-2012 climate change agreement

    08.10.2008 | Submissions to Consultations

    CAN Europe made a submission on the European Commission’s Consultation on comprehensive and ambitious post-2012 climate change agreement.

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