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To the attn. of Mr. Dominique Ristori - Director General, DG Energy October 16th, 2017

Re: Preparation of the 3rd Union list of energy Projects of Common Interest

Dear Mr Ristori,

As discussions to design the Third Union list of energy Projects of Common Interest (the PCI List) [1] are nearing their end, we, European and international environmental and social NGOs, groups and associations, from 35 different countries in the world, are expecting the upcoming new list, a crucial component of the EU’s climate and energy policy, to adequately address all the implications of the ongoing climate change crisis, to incorporate recent commitments made at the international level by the EU, to reduce Europe’s dependency from overall imports and instead better accommodate domestic renewables production, and therefore to end the support given to fossil fuel projects. Only under these conditions can this list deserve its qualification of ‘common interest’. 

pdf Read the full letter in preparation of the 3rd Union list of energy projects of common interest here (116 KB)


[1] https://ec.europa.eu/energy/en/topics/infrastructure/projects-common-interest 

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