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Emissions Trading Scheme

  • CAN Europe 2018 Annual Report

    19.04.2019 | Reports & Briefs

    To be called the “great platform to engage in the climate debate” that “improves our impact at national level” and provides “support, information and inspiration” compliments our entire Network and will continue to drive our shared effort to live up to such high accolades at this time of growing climate urgency.

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  • Defenders, Delayers or Dinosaurs: where do EU political groups stand on climate change?

    17.04.2019 | Press Releases

    Centre and conservative parties of the current European Parliament have failed to treat climate change with the urgency it demands, according to a new ranking published today by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe. At the same time, national champions in these groups demonstrate that centre and conservative parties can play a

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  • Defenders, Delayers, Dinosaurs. Ranking of EU political groups and national parties on climate change

    10.04.2019 | Reports & Briefs

    The report “Defenders, Delayers, Dinosaurs: Ranking of EU political groups and national parties on climate change” assesses the voting behaviour of current MEPs in relation to climate and energy issues.

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  • The People's Climate Case

    24.05.2018 | Press Releases

    Families from Europe and outside are taking the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to the European General Court for allowing high level of emissions until 2030 and failing to protect the citizens with the existing inadequate 2030 climate target.

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  • EU fails to deliver on Paris Agreement by setting its carbon market for another decade of failure

    09.11.2017 | Press Releases

    Today the EU institutions reached an agreement on the redesign of one of the bloc’s key climate policies, the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

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  • Joint NGO statement on the ETS revision

    08.11.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Being serious about the Paris Agreement:
    Stop the ETS funding coal,
    Start a meaningful carbon price

    This Agreement [] aims to [] making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development.
    Paris Agreement, Article 2(1)c

    We, the undersigned, urgently appeal to Representatives of European Parliament, Council and the European Commission to ensure that

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  • Poland wins Fossil of the Day Award at the Bonn climate summit

    07.11.2017 | Press Releases

    On the second day of this year’s UN climate summit in Bonn, Poland won the second place of the shameful Fossil of the Day Award. The dubious award was handed down to Poland, the host of the next UN climate summit in 2018, for working day and night to turn the EU’s carbon market into potentially the largest coal subsidy scheme in history.

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  • ETS trilogue process relaunched under new rapporteur

    30.06.2017 | Blogs

    What’s the situation?
    On Tuesday, 27 June, representatives of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission met for their second trilogue meeting to discuss diverging positions on the reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). There has been little progress as discussions mainly focused on addressing outcomes of technical working group meetings and more controversial topics are most likely tackled at the next trilogue around

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  • Letter to EU Heads of State & governments: limitations on freely allocated and excess allowances in the ETS

    26.06.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    This letter was written in response to the open position of CEOs of the European steel industry on 28 May 2017.

    To the Heads of State and governments of the European Union,

    Your decisions on the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) will determine whether the reform will deliver some much needed improvements for the EU’s carbon market or whether it will impede the Union’s future efforts to curb carbon emissions in a cost-effective way.

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  • Letter to MEPs: voting recommendations on the Effort Sharing Regulation

    14.06.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Dear Member of the European Parliament,

    Today you will vote on the so-called “Climate Action Regulation implementing the Paris Agreement” (Effort Sharing Regulation, or ESR). This regulation covers about 60% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. If designed correctly, it can drive innovation in the sectors involved, and lead to great benefits for the society such as cleaner air, reduced energy poverty and more liveable cities.

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  • ETS: Waiting for the Trilogues

    01.06.2017 | Blogs

    What’s the situation?

    On Tuesday, May 30, the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission postponed their second trilogue meeting on the reform of the EU Emission Trading System (ETS). This means that after four months of standstill on the file, no substantial progress can be expected for another month. This will make it nearly impossible for the file to be closed within the Maltese presidency and is now likely to be

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  • Letter to Selected Ministers of the EU Environment Council: the reformed ETS Directive and establishment of a Just Transition Fund

    26.05.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    This letter is addressed to Environment Ministers and Permanent Representatives of Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and Bulgaria

    Dear Environment Ministers,

    As the ETS revision process closes to an end, we would like to bring to your attention, the crucial issue of establishing a Just Transition Fund in order to support local economies and especially workers and their families in regions where lignite and coal

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  • Letter to ETS Rapporteurs: Establishment of the Just Transition Fund and end of coal subsidies (art. 10c)

    26.05.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Dear Rapporteur/Shadow Rapporteur,

    As the ETS revision process closes to an end, we would like to bring to your attention to important differences between the decision of the European Parliament and the “general approach” agreed between the Environment Ministers in terms of EU ETS Funds. The eligibility criteria for investments under an article 10c derogation and the establishment of a Just Transition Fund. Both issues concern lower income Member States and are crucial for their

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  • Letter to EU Environment Council: exclusion of coal investments through ETS funds and support establishment of Just Transition Fund

    25.05.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Dear Environment Minister,

    Ahead of the upcoming trilogue meeting on the revision of EU’s Emission Trading System (ETS), the undersigned, representing 30 networks and organizations representing citizens from across Europe, would like to urge you to ensure that the funding mechanisms dedicated to help lower-income Member States transform their energy systems (article 10c and the Modernization Fund) are robust and well-designed to truly support the development of renewable energy and

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  • Briefing on energy efficiency and Emissions Trading Scheme

    27.04.2017 | Reports & Briefs

    As the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union enter the phase of intense negotiations on the Clean Energy for All Europeans package, it is important to underscore that a higher energy efficiency target will help the EU in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and thus also in implementing its commitments under the Paris Agreement. Therefore, increasing the energy efficiency target should be welcomed as an opportunity to revise the EU's inadequate climate target and

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  • Reformed carbon market must no longer fund coal

    03.04.2017 | Op-eds

    As the Emissions Trading System (ETS) reform enters its crucial trialogue phase, it is up to the European Parliament to fight its corner and ensure that future funding only goes towards projects that contribute to the clean energy transition, writes Joanna Flisowska.

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  • Carbon market reform enters final stretch

    03.04.2017 | Press Releases

    The reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) for the coming decade enters the final stretch today, with representatives of the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the European Commission meeting for the first informal ‘trialogue’ to negotiate an agreement on the redesign of the ETS.

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  • ETS Reform: what has happened so far

    19.03.2017 | Blogs

    EU decision makers are currently discussing how to reform its Emissions Trading Scheme for the period 2021-2030. Here is what has happened so far:

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  • Summary of the Environment Council agreement on the ETS reform

    13.03.2017 | Blogs

    On Tuesday, 28 February 2017, the Environment Council agreed on a general approach on the revision of the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS). Although the agreement goes further in terms of ambition than the European Parliament’s position adopted on 15 February, it still falls dramatically short of delivering the reform

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  • EU countries propose limited reform of EU climate policy

    28.02.2017 | Press Releases

    EU Environment Ministers meeting in Brussels today have reached an agreement on the revision of the Emission Trading System (ETS) for the next decade. According to Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, the outcome, while slightly better than expected, is far too weak to repair the broken scheme or align the EU’s planned emission reductions with the global temperature goals it committed to under the Paris Agreement.

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