Today, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe has over 150 member organisations from 35 European countries - representing over 1,700 NGOs and 40 million citizens. CAN Europe works to prevent dangerous climate change and promotes sustainable climate and energy policy in Europe. CAN Europe is part of a worldwide network of more than 700 NGOs: CAN International. The wider and better informed group we are, the stronger our voice!


Who can join?

CAN Europe Membership is open to non-governmental/community based non-profit organisations, situated in Europe, which have an interest in the promotion of sustainable development and are active in, or have a focus on, climate change issues. CAN members have administrative independence and pursue their own mandates, organisational aims and objectives.

How to apply

For more info download the pdf Application Package (3.67 MB)  and the   document Application Form (38 KB) . The deadlines for applications for the two application periods in 2019 are 15 March and 15 September. An application for membership assumes that the applicant agrees to adhere to pdf CAN Europe Statutes (85 KB)  and also the  pdf CAN Charter (pdf) (73 KB)  (published by CAN International) for network rules and guiding principles for network governance.

Have any questions? Contact our Network Outreach Officer, Mathias Claeys Bouuaert mathias/at/


Nine good reasons to join CAN Europe


  1. You’re joining the leading European and worldwide NGO network on climate change.
  2. You can link your national work with the European policy agenda, ensuring European policies push your national work forward.
  3. You can participate in our regular workshops and webinars on climate and energy related topics.
  4. You can participate in our General Assemblies; 2 days of intensive exchange and input on the different EU policy topics and strategizing held twice a year, in spring and autumn.
  5. You can join CAN Europe (and CAN International) daily meetings during the UNFCCC sessions, the worldwide negotiations on climate change.
  6. You have access to CAN Europe email lists. These provide a rich source of information on topics such as EU climate policy, renewable energy, energy savings, fossil fuel subsidies and the UNFCCC.
  7. Your work is supported by the CAN Europe secretariat. This includes policy briefings, communication packages and letters to ministers and Members of the European Parliament.
  8. You can connect with other people working on the same issues and exchange ideas and best practices with them.
  9. You can participate in joint lobby efforts.

What members say about CAN Europe


In recent years SEO/BirdLife has become more involved in climate change and energy policy within Spain and at EU and global level. CAN Europe membership has brought us various important benefits: we understand better the EU and global policy agendas; we have genuine opportunities to bring a Spanish perspective to CAN debates; and we use and adapt CAN positions to influence policy and action within Spain. Thanks also to CAN, we are now building greater SEO/BirdLife capacity on these issues, which benefits the debate in Spain, the wider CAN network, and the climate.

David Howell, Head of Environment Policy, SEO/BirdLife

Oldag Caspar1

Germanwatch is an independent development and environment expert organisation. As the EU’s policies are essential for reaching the global climate targets and better living conditions for people worldwide Germanwatch engages in EU policy making both in Berlin and Brussels. Being an active member of CAN Europe is a huge advantage for us in this endeavour. And let’s not forget the joint publication of our Climate Change Performance Index. Thanks to CAN Europe the index outcomes reach a wide European audience.

Oldag Caspar, Team Leader German and EU Low-Carbon Policy, Germanwatch


Focus Association for Sustainable Development is a Slovenian environmental non governmental organisation active in the fields of climate change, energy, mobility, global responsibility, consumption and degrowth. As Slovenian climate and energy policies are to a large degree being shaped at the EU level, CAN Europe membership makes it possible for us to get involved in this process. Provided with timely information on processes and content of EU level debates, as well as with expert analysis and argumentation that CAN Europe offers to its members we can get involved in advocacy work related to EU policies at national and EU level. Membership in CAN Europe also provides useful exchange of ideas and experience among members, which is helpful for our activities and campaigns.

Živa Kavka Gobbo, Chair, Focus Association for Sustainable Development



Mathias Claeys Bouuaert
Network Outreach Officer
mathias /at/
+32 2894 4676