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The current status of the TEN E revision is not in line with the Commission’s proposal for a 55% climate target for 2030, and much less with the science-based target of 65%. It is necessary to end subsidising unneeded fossil gas projects today, to reach those targets and avoid converting billions of consumers’ and taxpayers’ money into stranded assets in ten years’ time.

„The European Commission is in the final stages of the interservice consultation on the Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN E) Regulation. We remain concerned about the final outcome. As things stand today, the revised TEN E Regulation would leave the door open for a significant inclusion of fossil gas within its scope. This outcome would show lack of political coherence from the Commission and it would fail to align Europe’s energy infrastructure to the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal.“

pdf TEN E Joint letter to Commission on fossil gas exclusion (241 KB)

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