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  • Statement from the Coalition for Higher Ambition on aligning EU policy with Paris

    01.03.2016 | Letters to Policy Makers

    The following letter was sent to EU Heads of State and Government, Climate and Environment Ministers, the European Commission and the European Parliament Statement from the Coalition for Higher Ambition.

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  • Our assessment of the Paris Agreement

    03.01.2016 | Reports & Briefs

    The Paris Agreement will not solve the climate crisis single-handedly, but it is so far the most important step the world has taken to tackle it. It signals an end to fossil fuels and a shift to 100% renewables. It creates firm foundations for more ambitious climate policies all over the world.

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  • Paris agreement indicates a global shift from dirty energy

    12.12.2015 | Press Releases

    The new global climate agreement that has been finalized in Paris today sends a strong signal that we need to accelerate phasing out the use of fossil fuels. Lots of work remains to be done to increase climate action in the short term.

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  • EU wins Fossil of the Day Award at Paris climate talks for lack of ambition

    10.12.2015 | Press Releases

    As the 196 countries have entered the final stretch of the Paris climate talks today, the EU received the fossil of the day award from Climate Action Network. The award seeks to encourage EU leaders to walk the talk and push for the strongest climate agreement possible.

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  • Crunch time at COP21

    10.12.2015 | Blogs

    It is crunch time at COP21! Watch this short video with members of the CAN Europe team on the latest state of play of the negotiations. 

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  • Vive le Ratchet!

    08.12.2015 | Blogs

    Overheard in Paris: “I’m a bit caught up with a very complex ratchet mechanism. While this sounds unfortunately like an instrument of torture, the inclusion of an ‘ambition mechanism’ to progressively ‘ratchet up’ national targets has become a core test of the strength of the Paris Agreement. But through the somewhat-tortuous process of translating political will into legal text, will it fall foul of the guillotine as ministers and negotiators chop down the text in

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  • Climate Change Performance Index 2016

    08.12.2015 | Press Releases

    The millennium started with a lost decade in terms of climate protection and, as indicated in the eleventh edition of the

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  • Agreement on the Financial Transaction Tax can help smooth the path towards a new climate deal in Paris

    07.12.2015 | Press Releases

    Rules for implementation of the Financial Transaction Tax, which are expected to be agreed upon by 11 EU Member States on the 7th or 8th of December, can open up a new and additional source of public climate finance. This would give a strong signal to developing countries that actions are taken to continue to increase public climate finance in a predictable way and thus smooth the path towards a new climate deal in Paris.

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  • Climate finance at COP21: where world views collide

    07.12.2015 | Blogs

    After six days of negotiations at the UN climate summit in Paris, the baton has been handed over to environment ministers who will begin high-level discussions this week. As anticipated, a number of troublesome issues continue to cause concern among Parties and NGOs as they work within the walls of Le Bourget conference centre. Among those issues is climate finance, an infamously controversial topic where the division between developed countries and developing countries is put under

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  • Ministers need to move off the 3-degree warming pathway

    07.12.2015 | Press Releases

    Early review of INDCs key to success for the Paris negotiations

    The Ministers attending the high-level segment of the UN climate talks in Paris starting today need to ensure that the Paris agreement does not lock us on a path to catastrophic 3°C warming.

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  • Former champion of climate action wins Fossil of the Day Award at COP21

    03.12.2015 | Press Releases

    Denmark’s government U-Turn on ambitious climate targets earned the country the shameful 1st place Fossil of the Day Award at the Paris climate summit today. The dubious award was handed down to Denmark for stating that it will reduce its ambitious climate targets and nearly halve financial support provided to empower developing countries in their efforts to tackle climate change.

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  • Turkey gets the second place of the Fossil of the Day award

    03.12.2015 | Blogs

    After Belgium on Monday, another european country has been awarded for his reluctance to take climate action : Turkey, already famous for being a coal champion.

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  • Belgium wins Fossil of the Day Award at the Paris climate summit

    30.11.2015 | Press Releases

    On the very first day of the Paris climate summit, Belgium won the shameful Fossil of the Day Award. The dubious award was handed down to Belgium for stumbling on internal divisions, which is blocking its climate action.

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  • Business and NGOs join forces for an ambitious climate agreement

    25.11.2015 | Press Releases

    In a joint statement published today, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and EUROCHAMBRES, representing 44 million European citizens and 20 million businesses,  call on the EU to put every effort in the climate negotiations in Paris and ensure the adoption of a comprehensive, inclusive and ambitious climate

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  • Judging the success and failure in Paris

    23.11.2015 | Press Releases

    In less than a week, on November 30th, world leaders will gather in Paris to kick off an intense two-week summit that should result in a new global climate agreement. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe calls upon the EU to drive ambition and fairness in the negotiations to secure a forward-looking, strong and just deal that will accelerate the shift away from dirty energy.

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  • G20 failed to bring the world closer to a strong deal in Paris

    16.11.2015 | Press Releases

    G20 leaders failed to show leadership in the ongoing negotiations for a strong climate agreement to be concluded in Paris. The representatives of the richest countries in the world did not make any new commitments to tackle climate finance, phase out fossil fuel subsidies and establish a long term goal for decarbonizing the economy.

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  • EU weakens its alliance with vulnerable countries

    10.11.2015 | Press Releases

    The EU position on climate finance for the Paris climate summit was adopted today by the EU Finance Ministers. Unfortunately, it falls short of what is needed to deliver a strong deal in Paris that empowers the world’s poor to cope with the current and future impacts of climate change and to develop in a less polluting way so that their carbon emissions don’t add to the climate change problem.

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  • UN Climate Negotiations Climate Finance

    10.11.2015 | Blogs

    Climate change is already affecting the world’s poorest people. From cyclones to droughts, to flooding, its impacts could set the clock back and erase the progress that has been made in the global fight against poverty and inequality.

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  • UN Climate Negotiations EU INDC

    10.11.2015 | Blogs

    The EU is not fulfilling its commitment to reduce emissions in line with the requirements of science and fairness. There is still a big gap between what it will take to avoid catastrophic climate change and what the EU has put forward in terms of climate action so far.

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  • UN Climate Negotiations position

    10.11.2015 | Blogs

    The current emission reduction pledges that governments have put put forward are inadequate to keep global warming below the 2°C threshold agreed. What is currently on the table will lead to a world that is going to be at least 2.7°C degrees warmer. In such a world, frequent floods and droughts, water and food scarcity, increasing numbers of refugees, conflicts, and irreversible damage to ecosystems, economies and livelihoods will

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