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  • Poland wins Fossil of the Day Award at the Bonn climate summit

    07.11.2017 | Press Releases

    On the second day of this year’s UN climate summit in Bonn, Poland won the second place of the shameful Fossil of the Day Award. The dubious award was handed down to Poland, the host of the next UN climate summit in 2018, for working day and night to turn the EU’s carbon market into potentially the largest coal subsidy scheme in history.

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  • CAN Europe Side Event at COP23: Increasing action between now and 2020

    06.11.2017 | Event & Actions

    Reducing emissions drastically in the near term, before 2020, is a precondition for countries to be able to meet the long term goals of the Paris Agreement and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

    In this side event Climate Action Network Europe discusses the most important means countries can take to reduce their emissions immediately, and elaborate on why more speedy and effective action will minimise the damage to our societies imposed by climate change.

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  • Briefing on Aligning the EIB Emissions Performance Standard (EPS) with the Paris Agreement

    24.10.2017 | Reports & Briefs

    The European Investment Bank (EIB) is being reviewing its Emissions Performance Standard (EPS) in 2017. Its EPS is part of the EIB Energy Lending Criteria1 adopted in July 2013, and set at a level of 550 g CO2/kWh.

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  • Letter to Environment Ministers on ESR, COP23 and LULUCF

    02.10.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Dear Minister,

    Adopting the Paris Agreement in 2015 marked a critical turning point toward a zero-carbon future, uniting the world in a global effort to tackle climate change. During the next Environment Council meeting on 13 October you will have the opportunity to decide on the Council’s position on two of the three pillars of the EU’s climate policy; the Regulations on Effort Sharing (ESR) and Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF).

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  • A Perfect Match: Climate Action and Fair, Sustainable Development

    12.09.2017 | Op-eds

    In June of this year the former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres led a number of scientists to a call for deeper and faster action on climate change. The message she is sending is clear: if we want to avoid the most dangerous impacts of man-made climate change we need to do much more and we need to do it faster.

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  • France calls for higher EU climate target

    06.07.2017 | Press Releases

    In reaction to the new climate action plan published by the French government today, Wendel Trio, Director of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe said:

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  • Letter to European Council leaders: implementation of the Paris Agreement

    21.06.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Dear President/Prime Minister/Chancellor,

    We understand you will be discussing the regrettable withdrawal by the US federal administration from the Paris Agreement.

    Climate Action Network Europe very much welcomed the EU's reaction to this decision and the expression of its clear support to the full implementation of the Paris Agreement. We similarly welcomed the strong support of so many other major carbon emitters as well as the determination of hundreds of US States,

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  • EU commitment to Paris Agreement needs substance

    21.06.2017 | Press Releases

    EU heads of state and government meeting in Brussels on 22-23 June are expected to express their support to the full implementation of the Paris Agreement. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe welcomes the dedication shown by the EU, but urges leaders to translate their words into action by calling for deeper emission cuts than currently foreseen and providing more support to climate action in developing countries.

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  • Historic breakthrough as EU and China unite on climate

    02.06.2017 | Press Releases

    Clarification added on 02/06/2017, 8:00PM CET: The EU and China agreed to step up cooperation on climate change today, but the statement is to be published at a later moment.

    In a statement to be released today at a joint high-profile summit in Brussels, the EU and China reaffirm their unequivocal commitment to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and establish a closer partnership on climate action and the clean energy transition.

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  • International Climate

    01.06.2017 | Blogs

    It looks like the US is leaving the Paris Agreement!

    When writing this President Trump has just confirmed that he will announce his decision weather or not to stay in the Paris Agreement tonight at 21.00 CET.

    Unnamed sources from the White House have consistently indicated that Trump would be intending to leave the Agreement, and that only the details how to do it are open

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  • US decides to pull out of the Paris Agreement

    01.06.2017 | Press Releases

    In reaction to today’s announcement by the US President Donald Trump, Wendel Trio, Director of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe said:

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  • Media advisory ahead of the EU-China Summit

    31.05.2017 | Press Releases

    On 1-2 June, the EU and China will hold a high-profile summit, with climate at the forefront of the agenda. The two partners are expected to reaffirm their unequivocal commitment to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and to spearhead cooperation on the clean energy transition.

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  • European Parliament’s report calls for radical improvement of climate and energy policies

    17.05.2017 | Press Releases

    A draft report on the Governance of the Energy Union Regulation released today calls upon the EU to embrace the zero-carbon transition and scale up climate action to be more consistent with the Paris Agreement.

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  • Climate action can bring the EU closer to its citizens

    22.03.2017 | Press Releases

    On Saturday, EU Heads of State and Government will gather in Rome to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the EU and discuss its future. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe urges EU leaders to put climate action at the heart of a new vision that will help revitalise the European project. Unfortunately, a preparatory document for the Rome declaration does not contain any references to climate change.

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  • The Europe we want: Just, Sustainable, Democratic and Inclusive

    21.03.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    In advance of the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome that founded the European Community, European civil society organisations and trade unions have appealed to EU leaders to show courage and vision in leading the transition to a just, sustainable, democratic and inclusive Europe.

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  • EU renews its climate diplomacy push

    06.03.2017 | Press Releases

    EU foreign affairs ministers agreed today to put climate objectives at heart of EU security and foreign policies. CAN Europe welcomes the initiative and calls on EU diplomats to lead the fight to achieve deeper emission cuts to limit warming to below 1.5°C in line with the Paris Agreement.

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  • Letter to Foreign Affairs Ministers on climate diplomacy

    03.03.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Dear Minister of Foreign Affairs,

    at the upcoming Foreign Affairs Council on 6 March you will discuss the interlinkage between the EU’s climate and energy diplomacy and security policy. Climate Action Network Europe welcomes the initiative as we strongly believe that Europe’s geopolitical interests are closely linked to managing climate risk and the global energy transition toward 100% renewable energy.

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  • Climate finance at COP22: not just a numbers game

    23.11.2016 | Blogs

    As COP22 in Marrakech has come to a close, one can clearly note the same ugly issues raising their heads when it comes to financial support for climate action.

    Previous blogs in this section have documented throughout the years the diversions of opinion, disagreements of approach and the inherent lack of trust between developing and developed countries when it comes to climate finance. And this blog won’t tell a very different story.

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  • Marrakech climate talks reiterate global commitment to tackle climate change - EU Member States need to step up their game

    18.11.2016 | Press Releases

    At the climate conference in Marrakech which is coming to an end, all countries have reaffirmed their collective commitment to implement all elements of the Paris Agreement. While concrete outcomes of the talks remain modest, some key elements of the implementation of the Paris Agreement moved forward, including that the so called “Paris Rulebook” will be complete in 2018.

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  • Climate Change Performance Index 2017

    15.11.2016 | Press Releases

    Press Release Germanwatch and Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe

    Global energy transition has started

    Emerging economies catch up / European countries lose speed / Japan, Australia and Canada worst performers of all industrialized countries

    [Marrakech 16 November 2016] With the historic Paris Agreement having recently entered into force, this year’s Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2017 confirms a boost for renewable energy and positive

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